FNL! Friday Night Live!

Praise and Worship event open to everyone, held the third Friday night of every month. Live music, spoken word, praise, worship, prayer and more. Connect with friends and meet new ones. It’s all about The Experience and it’s all about God.

TAG Together Achieving Greatness

Our outreach ministry. We literally TAG our community with random acts of kindness Hoping for nothing in return except for those who have been tagged to TAG someone else. If you’re not reaching out to help others, you’re missing a key component to achieving greatness..

DSW Dating Single Working

Our networking ministry which focuses on building successful, faithful, and dynamic people who will impact the world in a tremendous way.


The Break Room is aimed at educating and bringing awareness to different social issues in the community in order to empower individuals to make a difference. A break room is typically a relaxed environment where individuals congregate and have down to earth discussions and that is the environment we want to create with this ministry.